Happy International Women's Day

So whilst setting my SM posts this wonderfully sunny morning in West Wales and listening to the latest Harry/Meghan thing on the news... listening to Meghan and the fact it's IWD I got to wondering which women have influenced me... I mean I think Oprah is amazing and a true role model but wouldn't say I was influenced by her.

So other celebrities maybe? Well there's certainly ladies who I admire hugely for many reasons so there must be an element of influence surely? If there is I can't think of it obviously...

So what about women in history well... again, there are many to admire for all sorts of reasons but do they influence you in your life today? Many of us wouldn't be where we are today without some of these women, Rosa Parks, Emily Pankhurst, Florence Nightingale... the list easily goes on. However, do they actively influence my daily life?

I think if I'm really pushed I'd say no, not really. The women that really influence my life are those in it, my grandmothers, Mother, Mother in Law, aunts, cousins, friends. The reason being is that whenever I make a decision especially in business I do actively think, what would she think, what she do, would she like it, would I feel proud of it because of her... it's overwhelming sometimes the need to be accepted, recognised and appreciated but more importantly the need to do that back is essential to our growth as humans.

I am not a feminist because I think labels are for clothes but what I am is strong, because of all the people in my life, not just the women, and what I hope to be is a smidgeon of inspiration to those young ladies making their way in the world today. Always remember you are beautiful and it's more than ok to be you 💗