Feather Bookmarks

Feather Bookmarks

A lazer cut birch plywood feather approx. 15/16 cm in length and 5/6 cm in width. Available in 3 designs - Polly, Angel and Tickle. 

Decorated with Pyrography by hand with a quote of your choice, either pick one off the list or contact us with your own.

  • How To Take Care Of Your Pyrography Piece...

    1. Please keep out of direct light - as with paintings if your piece is kept in sun or direct light the pyrography will fade and the wood discolour.

    2. We would recommend a clear stain to protect the wood and the design, Please be advised some lighter woods may change colour with any protection.

    3. Wood will naturally colour age over time, dust with a dry cloth to keep clean, wood and furniture polish can discolour the wood.